Washing Machine Prices In Kenya

Washing machines save you a lot of time compared to the traditional way of washing clothes by hand. Washing machines have the ability to handle large loads of clothes and with their automated washing cycles, they are able to reduce the time and effort that is required to wash your clothes.

For many Kenyans this is a good thing because many people have busy schedules and little time to do house chores

Yes while its true washing machines consume water and energy, the advancement of technology has allowed many new models to be created which are power efficiency and use less water.

Before we look at the different prices of washing machines in Kenya, let me explain to you the difference between top load and front load washing machines, which are the two main categories in the washing machine niche.

Top Load Vs Front Load Washing Machines

Top-load washing machines have an opening at the top through which you put your clothes into the washer. In most cases they have an agitator or impeller at the bottom which turns clockwise and anticlockwise rotating your clothes and allowing water circulation that cleans and removes dirt from your laundry.

These machines are easier to load and generally have short water cycles.

On the other hand, front load washing machines have a door at the front through which you put your clothes in. A drum then rotates to agitate the clothes which then removes the dirt from your laundry.

Front load washing machines are more expensive than top-load washing machines. They are more energy efficient than and use less water .

Front load machines can accommodate larger loads, offer additional features, but require bending to load and unload.

Here’s a table summarizing the pros and cons of front loading and top loading washing machines:

Front Load Washing Machines Top Load Washing Machines
Energy Efficiency ✓ Generally more energy-efficient ✓ Less energy-efficient
Cleaning Performance ✓ Better cleaning and stain removal ✓ Adequate cleaning performance
Capacity ✓ Larger capacity for larger loads ✓ Smaller capacity, suitable for smaller households
Gentle on Clothes ✓ Gentle washing action, less wear and tear on fabrics ✓ Agitator may be harsh on delicate fabrics
Placement Flexibility ✓ Can be stacked with a dryer for space-saving ✓ No need for bending down, convenient loading and unloading
Initial Cost ✓ Higher initial cost compared to top load machines ✓ Lower initial cost compared to front load machines
Wash Cycle Duration ✓ Longer wash cycles ✓ Shorter wash cycles
Loading and Unloading ✓ Requires bending down for loading and unloading ✓ Easy loading and unloading, no bending required
Odor and Mold Potential ✓ Potential odor and mold issues if not properly maintained ✓ Less prone to odor and mold issues
Placement Restrictions ✓ Cannot be stacked with a dryer

Please note that these points are general considerations, and individual models may have variations in features and performance. It’s important to assess specific models based on your requirements and preferences before making a final decision.

Prices of Washing Machines In Kenya

Below is our summary review of the prices of the washing machines under each category (front load and top load washing machines).

Top Load Washing Machine

  • Hisense 7kg Twin Tub Washing Machine – Ksh 25000
  • VON 10 Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine – Ksh 29,995
  • Ramtons 10 Kg – Kshs 33,000
  • Mika Washing Machine – Kshs 29,995

Front Load Washing Machines

  • Roch 6 Kg Capacity, Silver Color Washing Machine – Kshs 39,999
  • Ramtons 7 kg, Silver Color – Kshs 45,000
  • Samsung 7kg Silver Color Machine – Ksh 82,995

Let now review each washing machine that is listed above.

Top Load Washing Machines

Hisense 7 KG Twin Tub Washing Machine

One of the most popular washing machines in Kenya is the Hisense, 7 kg twin tub model. This washer is white in color. Some of the features of this washing machine are:-

  • Has a 7 kg load capacity
  • A rotation speed of about 123 RPM
  • It has a dry capacity of 5 kg
  • Warranty of 2 years.

This machine is designed to be used in places which have limited spaces. Its body is made of plastic and does not use a lot of power. I saw that it has a lot of good reviews on Jumia.

Click the link below to visit Jumia and check it out

VON 10 Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine

This is another popular top load washing machine. Below are some of its features

  • This is a 10kg twin tub washing machine
  • It has three washing programs
  • Has a transparent top cover, white in colour and has durable handles to carry it around
  • The outer body is made of plastic
  • Its base is rat proof, comes with a user manual and warranty
  • Weighs about 15 kg

I saw lots of positive reviews on Jumia so I would highly recommend It. Click on the button below to visit Jumia and read more about it.

Ramtons Top Load Washing Machine

This is another popular washing machine from Ramtons. Its features are

  • It has a capacity of 10 kg
  • Its semi-automatic
  • White in colour and has twin tubs
  • The machine weighs 27 kg
  • Has manual buttons at the top to regulate
  • The twin tub of this washing machine allows you to use water more efficiently so in the long run you save on electricity.

It also has lots of positive reviews on the Jumia website.

Mika 8kg Top Load Washing Machine

Mika washing machine is another well-known brand. This washing machine has many impressive features including:-

  • Wash capacity is 8 kg
  • This unit combines both a washer and a dryer in one compact size. Ideal for locations where there’s not enough room for a huge washer
  • You get easy access to both wash and spin dryer compartments. This allows you to wash and dry your clothes fast.
  • This machine is not very heavy and its ultra portable and simple to store away.
  • Has a 15 minutes Wash Time and a 5 minutes Spin Time
  • 2 Wash program selection and a surging wave pulsator
  • Spin Dry Shower
  • Weight is 19kg

Front Load Washing Machine

We will now review the front load washing machines that we mentioned earlier and give you some of their features.

Roch 6 Kg Capacity, Silver Color Washing Machine

This is a 6kg washing machine that is loaded with many features which we are going to look at

  • It has 10 washing modes to choose from. These washing modes allow you to choose according to the quality of the clothes and the color of the fabric that you will input into the machine.
  • It has a child lock feature
  • It claims it will saves you energy up to 50%
  • The machine weighs about 57 kg.
  • Has a feature called the Turbowash system that projects water from the top of the tank via a specific spray blade to create a shower effect on the laundry. The effect of this feature is that water is able to penetrate better into the clothes plus the rinsing of the clothes is also better which reduces the washing cycle by about 36 minutes

Ramtons 7 kg, Silver Color

Ramtons is a leading manufacturer of home appliances and it has a good selection of washing machine from which to choose from. The features of his washing machine are:-

  • It has a wash capacity of 7 kg
  • It cuts power consumption by 76% and Saves time by 33%
  • It has a spin speed of 1400 RPM. Speed allows you to wash your clothes more efficiently and quickly

I visited the official website to try and see if I can get more information regarding the washing modes and what other different features it has but not much information was given.

Overall it looks like a solid dependable machine and I would gladly recommend it to you. Visit the Jumia site through the link below to buy it.

Samsung 7kg Silver Color Machine

Samsung is a well-known company that produces top-quality products. They have a good range of washing machines in their product line. The features of this washing machine are:-

  • This is a 7kg front load washing machine.
  • The motor spins at 1,200 RPM.
  • It has 12 washing programs that include 15-minute quick wash, Daily wash, Wool/Delicates, Hygiene steam, Colors, Bedding, Cotton, Cotton Eco, Synthetics, Rinse + Spin, Drain, Drum clean
  • It has a child lock feature
  • It is silver in color and weighs about 25 kg

You will not be charged for delivery when you buy it from Jumia. Click on the link below to visit Jumia for more information.


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